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The Pegasus is designed to send astronauts and cargo into space. In the first 3 to 5 years the Pegasus will only send cargo into space and after that periode NAXC will be testing launches with dummies onboard to see how the Pegasus can carry humans onboard as safe as possible.

After each mission the Pegasus will land back on Earth, no matter if there's a crew on board or not. The pegasus will land safely back on earth with boosters just like the Gyrfalcon boosters, but of course it will still have a parachute onboard in case something goes wrong with the boosters.

The Pegasus will be on top of the Gyrfalcon and is able to send cargo and astronauts to the International Space Station and other future space stations.

Technical Overview

Width Height Stages Boosters Payload to LEO* Payload to GTO* Payload to Mars*
15.7 m
(51.5 ft)
86 m
 (282.2 ft)
2223,300 kg
 (51,368 lb)
9,050 kg
(19,952 lb)
4,530 kg
(9,987 lb)
*Payload represents the max capability on fully extendable vehicle
Estimated Cost:
$80 million >