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We design, manufacture & launch rockets and other spacecrafts.

NAXC designs, manufactures and launches rockets into space. NAXC was founded in 2017 by Sem Van Der Vegte with the goal to make space traveling easier and cheaper. NAXC stands for National Aerospace Exploration Center.

NAXC has only launched one test rocket (Vegton) which reached the height of 50,000 feet at December 23, 2017 but they found a few things they had to change in the design of the rocket. At February 17, 2018 NAXC announced that they ended the Vegton Program and that they were 100% focusing on a recently announced Program, the Gyrfalcon Program. The Gyrfalcon rocket is able to send cargo to the International Space Station, send satellites into earths orbit and even carry humans to the International Space Station, moon or even Mars.


NAXC Hawthorne
3501 Jack Northrop Ave, Suite #VW031
Hawthorne, CA 90250
United States of America

Email: [email protected]